CLIMCOVER Slab Alu2 is a lightweight, rigid glass mineral wool slab providing thermal and acoustic insulation along with environmental benefits.

Offering up to 8% thermal savings compared to heavier traditional competitor products. This lightweight, rigid glass mineral wool slab provides thermal, acoustic and environmental benefits.

The products consistent density provides consistent thermal performance along the length of the duct and its uniform shape makes it easy to handle and install allowing a professional finish.

Ideal for the insulation of rectangular metal ductwork, these robust, rigid glass mineral wool slabs provide consistent density and a uniform shape making them easy to handle, cut and fit; whilst reducing installation time and costs. Suitable for use with a subsequent cladding.

Climcover Slab

Key Benefits

  • High levels of thermal and acoustic performance - Meets all UK thermal building regulations and offers energy savings.
  • High quality purpose designed glass mineral wool - Consistent thickness recovery and uniform shape. No soft edges, excellent compressive resistance and parting strength. Product will not sag over time, in normal applications, offering a neat and professional finish.
  • Durable - Not easily damaged in storage, transportation or installation. Will withstand site conditions.
  • Fast installation - Easy, neat and quick to cut. Flexible, easy to handle and apply on all shapes of ductwork. Products’ mechanical strength assists installation process. Up to 40% weight saving compared to typical competitor roll products offers comfortable installation. Inherent vapour barrier.
  • Manufactured from up to 86% recycled glass - Reduces environmental impact.

Variants Details

Product details

Order Code Thickness Width (mm) Length Item type Items per pack Pack area (m2) Pallet area (m2) Product Name Units per pallet
5200625475 40 600 1200 Slabs 12 8.64 138.24 CLIMCOVER Slab Alu2 - 40 x 600 x 1200 16
5200625477 50 600 1200 Slabs 10 7.2 115.2 CLIMCOVER Slab Alu2 - 50 x 600 x 1200 16