CLIMCOVER Slab Alu2 Standard is a rigid glass mineral wool slab providing thermal and acoustic insulation of rectangular ductwork at all levels inside or outside a building. The higher density slabs provide increased mechanical performance for an improved finish and a uniform shape of insulation.

The CLIMCOVER Slab Alu2 Standard range features rigid glass wool slabs of various thicknesses with a factory applied aluminium foil facing providing an inherent vapour barrier. The slabs are designed to be installed outside rectangular ducts to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, fulfilling the requirements of BS 5970.

The uniform shape and consistent thickness of the slabs make them easy to handle and install on all rectangular ductwork inside or outside a building (with appropriate cladding). Their higher density provides increased mechanical performance for an improved finish and a uniform shape of insulation.

Strong and resilient, CLIMCOVER Slab Alu2 Standard is designed to withstand site conditions, storage and transportation. 

Climcover Slab

Key Benefits

  • Thermal performance – Helps to meet thermal building regulations and offers significant energy savings by protecting the installation from external thermal variation.  
  • Acoustic performance - Noise levels from ducts can be greatly reduced due to the inherent acoustic properties of CLIMCOVER, improving the comfort of those within the building.
  • Fire Classification – Euroclass A2 fire rating when classified with BS EN 13501-1
  • Ease of install - The range offers longer length rolls which are lightweight and have excellent flexibility and mechanical strength, allowing fast and efficient cutting and fitting.
  • Recycled glass – Manufactured from up to 80% recycled glass. 

Variants Details

Product details

Order Code Thickness Width (mm) Length Item type Items per pack Pack area (m2) Pallet area (m2) Product Name Units per pallet
5200625471 40 600 1200 Slabs 11 7.92 126.72 CLIMCOVER Slab Alu2 Standard - 40 x 600 x 1200 16
5200625473 50 600 1200 Slabs 9 6.48 103.68 CLIMCOVER Slab Alu2 Standard - 50 x 600 x 1200 16