The CLIMPIPE Section Alu2 range provides thermal and acoustic insulation of pipework. The strong, lightweight pipe sections feature a reinforced aluminium foil facing to ensure a strong vapour barrier and a professional neat finish.

Designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation of pipework, CLIMPIPE Sections are strong, lightweight pre-formed `snap on’ sections. With a reinforced aluminium foil facing and a self-adhesive overlap right to the edge, CLIMPIPE Sections ensure a strong vapour barrier and a professional neat finish. 

The easy to install CLIMPIPE range offers multiple insulation solutions with thicknesses from 20mm to 60mm. With 1.2m long sections, they are one of the longest pipe sections on the market, limiting the number of joints required and minimising thermal bridging. 

The uniform density of CLIMPIPE Sections provides consistent thermal performance along the length of the pipe. Suitable for use inside or outside a building (with suitable cladding), the sections offer excellent mechanical resistance and a consistent finish. The range is packed in boxes designed to withstand site conditions, transportation and storage.

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Climpipe Section Alu2

Key Benefits

  • Thermal performance - CLIMPIPE Sections help to meet thermal building regulations and offer energy savings by protecting the installation from external thermal variation.
  • Acoustic performance - Due to the natural sound wave damping effect that glass mineral wool possesses, noise levels from water pipe services can be greatly reduced with CLIMPIPE sections.
  • Fire Classification - Euroclass A2 reaction to fire classification (according to EN 13501-1). 
  • Ease of install - CLIMPIPE Sections are longer, lighter and offer maximum flexibility and mechanical strength, allowing fast and efficient cutting and fitting.
  • Recycled glass - Manufactured from up to 80% recycled glass.

Product Variants

Inner Diameter (mm)
15 22 28 35 42 48 54 60 70 76 83 89 108 114 140 168 219 273