Metac is a high performance glass mineral wool roll insulation designed for use in pitched roof rafter applications.
Metac is a high performance glass mineral wool ‘slab on a roll’ insulation, available in thicknesses from 50-200mm. Ideal for pitched roof rafter applications, it offers one of the most cost effective and easy to install thermal and acoustic insulation solutions on the market.

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Product - Metac
Product - Metac
Product - Metac
Product - Metac
Product - Metac
Product - Metac
Product - Metac


  • Great value solution compared to other insulation materials.
  • High performance thermal insulation - Thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK, minimising heat loss through the building envelope and reducing heating costs.
  • Quick and easy to install – Metac is easy to handle and cut, with a minimal amount of waste. It can be friction fitted between rafters, eliminating air gaps and will not slump during installation or life of product.
  • Excellent acoustic performance - Reduces unwanted noise from outside elements, unlike other insulating materials.
  • Flexibility - Available in 50-200mm thicknesses to suit a variety of rafter depths.
  • Non-combustible - Isover glass mineral wool insulation has an A1 Euroclass fire rating – the best attainable.
  • Recycled content - Manufactured from up to 80% recycled post-consumer glass.

Variants Details

Product details

Order Code Thickness Width (mm) Length Product Name Pack area (m2) Pallet area (m2) Units per pallet
5200819227 50 1200 9300 Metac - 50mm 11.16 200.88 18
5200819232 125 1200 4800 Metac - 125mm 5.76 103.68 18
5200819233 175 1200 3500 Metac - 175mm 4.2 75.6 18
5200819234 200 1200 3200 Metac - 200mm 3.84 69.12 18