ULTIMATE is an innovative next generation mineral wool which combines all the advantages of conventional thermal and acoustic insulation, with a top level fire classification. U TECH Wired Mats MT 4.0 provide optimal thermal insulation, reaching highest levels of thermal performance at continuous temperatures of up to 400 °C, even under tough conditions e.g. mechanical stress like vibrations. The product can be used on industrial boilers, vessels, rectangular exhaust ducts and industrial equipment.

Isover’s U TECH Wired Mats MT 4.0 are lightweight, offer maximum flexibility and compressive strength, allowing fast and efficient cutting, bending and fitting. They are up to 2 times the length of traditional stone wool wired mattresses and have up 250% greater area per roll. One additional benefit is the carry handles on each 600 wide roll to ensure ease of transportation.

U TECH Wired Mats 4.0 are the logical choice for optimal thermal efficiency by reducing heat loss and CO2 emissions and high thermal performance with thinner constructions in areas with space restrictions.

Product - Ultimate Tech Wired Mat MT


  • Excellent thermal insulation with better thermal conductivity - Superior thermal performance with the same thickness of insulation as traditional stone wool solutions. Option to reduce insulation thickness and number of layers without compromising on performance. . Meets UK thermal building regs to BS5422:2009 including personnel protection requirements
  • Up to 50% lighter than traditional stone wool solutions - Fast and efficient installation through improved product handling, especially when working at height. Easy and quick to cut. Ideal for passing fixings through when applying coverings. Easy to handle and apply.
  • CL10 to EN 13468 - Will not accelerate corrosion with all copper steel and aluminium equipment.
  • Euroclass A1 fire rating when classified with BS EN 13501-1 - Totally non-combustible.
  • Optimal acoustic performance - Provides comparative sound absorption levels to traditional stone mineral wool with up to 50% less weight.
  • Improved logistics - Up to 250% more product per roll compared to traditional stone wool wired mattresses. Easy to split packaging with carry handles aids transportation on site.
  • Fully CE Marked to EN14303 "Thermal insulation products for building and industrial equipment" - All products are tested to the latest European standards regarding safety and quality control.

Variants Details

Product details

Order Code Thickness Width (mm) Length Product Name Item type Items per pack Pack area (m2) Pallet area (m2) Units per pallet
5200674216 50 600 7500 U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 - 50mm Rolls 2 9 162 18
5200674217 60 600 6300 U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 - 60mm Rolls 2 7.56 136.08 18
5200674218 80 600 4700 U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 - 80mm Rolls 2 5.64 101.52 18
5200674219 100 600 4000 U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 - 100mm Rolls 2 4.8 86.4 18