The Government’s recently announced Clean Growth Plan has outlined ambitious strategies to boost energy efficiency across homes, businesses and industry. More than £2.5 billion of investment has been attributed to clean technologies and new infrastructure in a bid to generate more power using less carbon.

The challenges for industrial is to limit the waste of energy during operations but also to provide the best global solution that can lower the carbon footprint, increase insulation and limit the needs for heavy investments.

Isover Energy Efficiency


Isover has worked closely with industrial process designers, operators and contractors to develop a range of solutions that meet the requirement of Energy cost saving.

Isover UK’s ULTIMATE™ patented construction delivers excellent thermal performance compared to traditional stone wool solutions, while also being a thinner and lighter material. This means installers can apply the same thickness of material and achieve better energy savings over time.

Isover’s ULTIMATE™ solutions come in several forms, including wired mats, pipe section mats and flexible slabs. The ULTIMATE™ U TECH Wired mats are re-enforced with stainless or galvanised stainless wire mesh and offer exceptional thermal performance while being easy to handle and install. The ULTIMATE™ Pipe Section mats are delivered flat-packed to save transport costs and space and tech rolls and slabs are mechanically-improved to further boost ease-of use.

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